"Whenever people try to make something,
they need to begin by designing it; that is what design is about."

No matter how great your technology, concept, idea, or intention is,
it needs to be visualized, tangible, or practical in reality, which is a result of design after all.
When we see technology as a seed, the seed can be born into the form of a final product or business after going through the process of design.
The shape of your product is what makes your business complete. by Korea Institute of Design Promotion


Global Design Festival

Design korea is the largest design business exhibition in Korea and one of the most famous of its kind in Asia. It is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and operated by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion.

For this annual event, nearly 400 businesses at home and abroad exhibit 2,500 of their latest product entries for best design. The event lasts for five days, attracting about 60,000 visitors. Taking the lead in popularizing the Korean design culture, Design Korea is increasingly establishing itself as a comprehensive business festival in the design sector.

The event offers you a great opportunity to see the winners of the world’s most honorable design awards and see the global design trends at a glance. It also serves as a venue for lectures given by world-famous designers, to promote the value of design and discuss its promising future.

Propulsion direction  ───


Design Korea helps businesses generate opportunities through design and enter into the foreign market.


Design Korea, as a trendsetter for Korean design, integrates the global design trends and leading issues,


Design Korea proposes a new vision for the design industry by helping designers, businesses, and buyers network with one another.

디자인코리아 연혁  ───

Six Rounds of “Cross-exhibition” between Korea and China
2003 World Best Design Exchange 2003 Seoul Exhibition 131,783
2004 DESIGN KOREA 2004 Beijing 52,941
2005 World Best Design Exchange 2005 Seoul Exhibition 131,783
2006 DESIGN KOREA 2006 Shanghai 67,532
2007 DESIGN KOREA 2007 125,127
2008 DESIGN KOREA 2008 Guangzhou 168,847
Special Exhibition on Design Trends
2009 DESIGN KOREA 2009 77,076
2010 DESIGN KOREA 2010 78,206
2011 DESIGN KOREA 2011 32,073
2012 DESIGN KOREA 2012 21,238
2013 DESIGN KOREA 2013 20,382
Industrial Exhibition for Businesses in the Design Sector
2014 DESIGN KOREA 2014 32,456
2015 DESIGN KOREA 2015 53,629
2016 DESIGN KOREA 2016 59,114
2017 DESIGN KOREA 2017 60,686