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Design korea 2012

2012 Design Korea  ───

Designkorea logoExhibition Overview

Period October 25(Thu) ~ 28(Sun), 2012 (4 days)
Venue Daegu, EXCO, Hall 1-2(7,940㎡)
Exhibitor Approx. 110 companies
Visitor 21,238

디자인코리아 로고Main Events

1) Design Korea 2012 Opening Ceremony

  • Date and Time : October 25(Thu), 16:00–17:00
  • Main program : Ribbon cutting, status report, special performances and exhibition tour
Event Time Details
Opening 16:00~16:05 Opening and introduction of VIPs
Performance 16:05~16:10 Ribbon cutting and photo shoot
Event briefing 16:08~16:13 Exhibition theme and status report
Exhibition and opening performances 16:13~17:00 Exhibition tour(theme halls, Global Design Tour Hall(GD),Korean Design DNA Hall, etc)
Attending opera quatet's opening performance Closing. Move to Design Night venue.

2) Design Night

  • Date and Time : October 25 (Thu),2012. 17:30~20:00,EXCO Convention Hall(5F)
  • Main program : Opening performances, welcome speech, greeting speech, messages, speech of encouragement,award,banquet
Event Time Details
Resistration and Photo wall operation VIP greetings 16:40~17:30 Visitor registration and entry
Photo session and exhibitor interview
VIP greetings and the greeting venue operation
Official event 17:30~18:05 Laser performance
Opening announcement and salute to the colors
Introduction of invited guests
Welcome speech by the mayor of Daegu
Message from KIDP
Special performances
Speech of encouragement by Knowledge and Economy Minister
Award 18:05~18:20 Award for contributor (individual/company) to design(Total 13)
Photo shoot
Gala show 18:20~18:40 Musical gala show with the message of 'Harmony and Festival'
Banquet 18:40~19:45

Toast and banquet
Thank you speech by the President of Daegu-Kyungbuk Design Center


3) Design Talk Talk Talk

  • Date : 2012.10.25(Thu), 17:30~ 20:00, EXCO Convention Hall(5F)
  • Main event : Opening, Welcome Speech, Awar, feast etc.
Date Location Venue Speaker
Sep.11(Tue),2012 Gwangju Chosun University, Seosuk Hall Jang, Seok-won (illustrator)
Happy person makes the world happy
Sep. 17(Mon), 2012 Daejeon Chungnam National University, Baekma Hall Kang, Byung-in (Calligrapher)
Korean calligraphy, communicate with the world.
Oct. 5(Fri), 2012 Seoul Sung Kyun Kwan University Cho Byug Doo international Conference Hall Choi. Sang-hyun (Character designer)
I am Pororo designer.
Baek jong-won (CEO of the Seoul Design Foundation)
New role of design
Oct. 12(Fri), 2012 Busan Busan Design Center Ha, Ji-hoon (Lignt & furniture designer)
Filling curiosity with education and experience
Oct. 26(Fri), 2012 Daegu EXCO Baek jong-won (CEO of the Seoul Design Foundation)
New rolo of design
Oct. 27(Sat), 2012 Kim. Sang-ah (Storyteller, CEO of Bombaram Inc)
What does a storyteller do?
Oct. 28(Sun), 2012 Yu, Jae-hun (Stage designer, CEO of Yujam Studio)
Design the scenes

디자인코리아 로고Gallary

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디자인코리아 로고DESIGN KOREA 2012 PR

1) By Broadcating, Newspaper and Online

Category Number of Cases
Broadcasting 6 including SBS
Newspaper 37 including The Chosun ilbo
Online 143 including Yonhap News Agency
Total : 186