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Event Overview

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  • The theme of DK FESTIVAL 2019 is 'DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION’ According to an IT dictionary, ‘Digital Transformation’ means ‘Integrating digital technology throughout society to innovate the traditional social structure.’

    The theme of DK FESTIVAL 2019 is ‘Leading and innovative roles of design in digital transformation.’
    In the era of the 4th industrial revolution that will emerge through digital innovation and advanced technology, design will perform a key role in connecting technology and humans. DK seeks to create new values in digital transformation and the 4th industrial revolution and raise the roles of design which will lead innovation.

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    Design Korea is
    the ‘Place of Design Network.’
  • At Design Korea, you can learn of global design trends at a glance through the world’s well-renowned design awards, theme halls, and company halls, and listen to the design knowledge and experiences of famous designers in various industries. Through the Design Business Platform, Design Korea also provides growth opportunities for companies by acting as a bridge between the Korean design industry and global markets.

    DK FESTIVAL 2019 is contributing to the development of the Korean design industry through design network platforms such as networking parties, businesses, and job fairs. We would appreciate strong interest and participation of designers and universities who seek to grow with Design Korea.

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Title DK FESTIVAL 2019
Date 2019. 11. 6 ~ 11. 10 (5days)
Venue KINTEX No.1, Hall 5
Scale Booth of compaines : 165, Job fair : 50 recruiting companies, 500 designers * First 120 designers for SHOWCASE
Hosted Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Organized Korea Institute of Design Promotion