• 윤주현

    President Korea institute of
    Design Promotion

    Eune Ju Hyun


  • In a world where industrial, economic and social systems change at break-neck speed, the role of design in expanding like never before. We are moving away from a quantity-driven society to one that emphasizes integrity and quality. With this change, design will play an even greater role, in terms of both hardware and software.

    Korean design is recognized as having almost reached world class and is at the center of global exchanges in the world market. Through collaboration with on and offline business markets in China and other parts of the world, Korean design is building a strong network to further expand to global markets.
    DKfestival stages the today and tomorrow of Korea design, as well as the design in the global scene through the global network set up through events such as this.

    DKfestival 2020 showcases the present future of design at its very best. We hope you will continue to support us participate in his year’s design business fair, as it servers as the venue of convergence and communication bringing the value and importance of design to life.